T.H.E. knows that finding a market for your specialty clients can be a real hassle. Big insurance companies will only deal with you if you have a huge book of specialty business. MGA's only want your business if it fits within a nice little "box" that their underwriters dreamed up. Wholesale brokers will be happy to place it ... and even happier to take a big chunk of your commission when they do.

With T.H.E., your experience will be different. To start with, you don't have to go through an MGA or a broker to write with T.H.E. We work directly with retail agents who want to expand their specialty books.

Another difference you'll notice is that we won't reject a piece of business just because it doesn't fit some arbitrary underwriting criteria. We'll consider virtually any specialty business you'd like to write.

In fact, our agents consistently tell us that the best thing about T.H.E. is our willingness to work with our agents to place unique risks. In teaming up with T.H.E., our agents gain a partner that works with them to write their most difficult risks.

When you work with T.H.E., you aren't dealing with powerless sales people, or manuals that determine what you can and can't do. You're working directly with the executives who have the power to say "yes" to the business you'd like to write.

We're always looking for a few select agents. If you have specialty business that you'd like to place, or if you simply want to expand your business, we'd like to work with you.

To find out what T.H.E. can do for you, call marketing at 800.237.3355 or email at marketing@theinsco.com.






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